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E3's Services

You need technical, economic, or environmental advisory services on a complex, capital-intensive energy, industrial or infrastructure project. You want innovative thinking, sound advice and unwavering commitment to your project's objectives. With E3 Consulting you get all three - and more. The following is a list of E3's services from A-Z.

Asset Valuation and Appraisal
Capacity Cost and Risk Management
Construction Monitoring
Due Diligence
Electric Transmission Studies
Energy Planning
Environmental Compliance Analysis
Environmental Siting and Permitting
Grid Modernization Planning
M&A Advisory
O&M Practices Review
Pro-forma Review and Development
Project Development Assistance
Regulatory Risk Impact Assessments
Technology Review


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Electric Transmission Studies

E3's transmission experience encompasses the entire project life cycle of new and existing transmission lines, including planning, pre-finance, finance, construction, performance testing, and operations and maintenance phases. Our assignments have ranged from those involving the analysis of a client's entire transmission network to those associated with the planning, design, construction, operation, reliability and economics of a transmission system. E3 has also assisted our clients on more than 1,100 miles of transmission line corridor environmental permitting.

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