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Mark Shaw

Senior Consultant

Mark Shaw Photo

Mark Shaw has more than 25 years of broad based global energy industry experience in strategic oil and gas asset evaluation with both large and small oil companies, as well as advisory and consulting firms. In his management and consulting roles he has performed portfolio optimizations, due diligence, acquisition and divestiture asset evaluations, participated in contract, litigation, production unitization, and financial entity negotiations, and prepared and presented regulatory filings at several state commissions.

Mr. Shaw held a senior corporate planning role with an independent Denver oil and gas firm, was a founding partner in two small oil and gas consulting firms, and designed and developed a commercial application to evaluate international oil and gas assets that was acquired by Halliburton. Mr. Shaw’s broad oil and gas experience affords the ability to identify critical issues and grasp relationships between a project’s many components, and apply technical, operating, and market context knowledge to develop successful solutions and strategies. Mr. Shaw has a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from Texas Tech University.

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