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About Us

An average consultant confirms your finding.
A good one tells you things you didn't know.
A great one tells you things you didn't know you didn't know.

That's where E3 Consulting lives...
When your best judgment needs specialized support, you expect more from a consultant than confirmation of what you already know. You want new and expanded knowledge to make better decisions. Succeeding in today's energy marketplace demands nothing less.

That's where E3 Consulting excels...
Every venture has countless angles to consider and potential pitfalls to avoid. Enter E3's team of seasoned advisors. With an average of nearly 25 years in their fields, our professionals have a vast array of functional expertise and plenty of current, hands-on experience.

First and foremost, we're business people...
We've made it our business to learn every aspect of yours – whether power, oil and gas, or industrial processes. We'll listen to your concerns, grasp their business context, and then look beyond the obvious to deliver solid solutions that align with your objectives.

What Sets E3 apart?
Our people set E3 apart. When you select E3, you select a company that is committed to providing clients with not only a superior product but with superior service.

E3's proprietary project management system that tracks our client's projects, every step of the way. Our project managers deliver weekly reports, providing crucial details of cost, schedule, budget, deliverables, and exceptions.