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E3's Project Investor's and Lenders Services

When you're responsible for securing financing for the acquisition or development of any technically complex and capital intensive project, the risks and challenges need to be clearly defined. Does it make financial sense? Can it be built on time and on budget? Will it perform as expected? Will it be in compliance with environmental regulations? Do you understand all the risks? And do you have the proper contingencies prepared to manage them?

E3 has the proven experience to identify the potential risks and challenges that could make a facility unattractive for financing, or delay a project once it's underway. And it's our solution-oriented approach to mitigating those risks and preventing costly delays that really sets us apart.

When your best judgment needs specialized support, you expect more from a consultant than confirmation of what you already know. You want new and expanded knowledge to make better decisions. Succeeding in today's energy marketplace demands nothing less.

Large investments involve countless angles to consider and potential pitfalls to avoid. Our team of seasoned advisors, with an average of nearly 25 years in their fields, has a vast array of functional expertise and plenty of current, hands-on experience to tap. But first and foremost we're business people who connect the business, engineering and science of our industry in critical analysis to help our clients achieve their goals.

With a track record of reviewing more than 650 facilities, valued at more than $70 billion, E3 serves as a trusted source of independent expertise for energy, industrial, and public infrastructure projects around the world.