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E3's Project Investor's and Lenders Services

In today's world of public power, utilities and regulators are under increasing pressure to provide a reliable source of energy, while adopting new technologies and maintaining low costs for ratepayers. E3 recognizes that this is not an easy task.

Serving in a variety of roles for clients across the spectrum of industry, E3's staff has gained specialized knowledge of, and unique perspectives on, U.S. power markets and utility businesses. This specialized knowledge is deployed on helping owners and prospective owners of generation, transmission, and distribution assets make sound investment and business decisions in the context of long-term visions and strategies.


Our team of seasoned advisors, with an average of nearly 25 years in their fields, has a vast array of functional expertise and plenty of current, hands-on experience to tap. But first and foremost we're business people who connect the business, engineering and science of our industry in critical analysis to help our clients achieve their goals.

We are adept at quantifying risk and reward, providing sound support for strategic decisions as we help clients maintain project and business profitability and reliability