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Services: Feasibility and Due Diligence; Construction Monitoring

Client: A Globally-Recognized Power/Public Infrastructure Lender

Client Objective: Understand and manage the risks associated with financing a 400 MW simple cycle gas-fired turbine with features that had not been previously applied in a commercial setting.

Engagement Description: The lender asked E3 Consulting to complete feasibility and due diligence on the project. The lender also retained E3 Consulting to protect its interests in the project after financial commitments were made.

Services provided by E3 Consulting included:

  • Conducting technology assessments on the new features and associated integration
  • Reviewing overall project designs, from fuel supply to interconnection
  • Examining the sequencing, timing, and supplier non-performance risk of critical path construction activities and deliveries
  • Identifying and managing critical, unique, and complex delivery and right of way issues
  • Monitor construction through challenging site logistics and weather events

Client Result: Based on E3 Consulting findings the client committed to financing. Construction was completed in a reasonable timeframe despite an unplanned and significant weather event. The project operates profitably as anticipated by E3 Consulting and is currently delivering significant profits to the lender.