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Service: Feasibility and Due Diligence/Construction Monitoring

Client: Transmission Developer

Client Objective: Secure financing and regulatory approval for a proposed 50 +- mile HVDC undersea transmission line.

Engagement Description: E3 Consulting was retained by the developer to render an independent opinion as to the technical feasibility and economic viability of the proposed project and design.

Services provided by E3 Consulting included:

  • Business review of transmission tariffs, cost recovery mechanisms, and market conditions
  • Scientific review of the selected cable technology and high voltage AC/DC converter designs
  • Development of ongoing Operations and Maintenance cost estimates and reserves
  • Estimation of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction capital requirements
  • Project Pro-Forma financial statement development, modeling, and analysis
  • Construction monitoring

Client Result: The client used E3 Consulting's opinion to affirm its decision to move forward with project investment and to obtain project financing. The client also used E3 Consulting's opinion to secure approval from the presiding Independent System Operator. The project was completed and currently operates profitably as anticipated in E3 Consulting's opinion.