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Services: Feasibility and Due Diligence/Construction Monitoring

Client: Large Wind Farm Owner/Operator

Client Objective: Secure an investment-grade rating in anticipation of bond issue for large wind farm.

Engagement Description: E3 Consulting was retained by an owner/operator to help it secure an investment grade rating on a 150 MW wind farm (a challenging endeavor).

Services provided by E3 Consulting included:

  • Monitoring construction to ensure the project would be commissioned in time to qualify for the Production Tax Credit (PTC)
  • Estimating maintenance requirements and turbine availability and develop associated financial models
  • Recommending an appropriate maintenance reserve
  • Preparing and presenting the case for investment grade rating to the rating agency

Client Result: The rating agency awarded the project an investment-grade rating based on E3 Consulting's opinion. The owner/operator was able to complete a successful bond issue for the project.