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Emerging Energy Technologies

E3 has experience with a wide variety of power projects and technologies. Our team of professionals is thoroughly familiar with the due diligence process involved with reviewing, describing, and quantifying risks associated with the introduction, commercialization, and scale-up of new and emerging technologies.

When E3 is engaged on projects where new technology is being used, we determine whether there is a high probability that the equipment will operate as claimed and assess the likelihood of the project generating a cash stream that will pay back the investors, with interest, and deliver a favorable return on equity.

Beyond that, the review will assess its likelihood of generating a cash stream that will pay back the investors and lenders, and substantially meet the requirements of any supply or off-take contracts. Usually, this means using commercially proven technology whenever possible and ensuring adequate contingencies and alternatives for those elements of the technology that are not proven.

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Coal Gasification
Lima Energy Gasification to Liquids Facility – E3 has prepared a preliminary feasibility report to support the financing of the Lima Energy Company facility to be built in Lima, Ohio.  The Lima facility will consist of a single ConocoPhillips (now CBI) E-Gas gasifier that will gasify approximately 2700 tons per day of petroleum coke and produce approximately 7,000 barrels per day of synthetic crude oil using a Fischer-Tropsch process.   Our scope included a review of the proposed technology, site suitability, permitting requirements and capital costs.

Texas Clean Energy Coal Gasification/Polygen Facility – E3 served as the independent engineer supporting the construction and term loan financing of the Texas Clean Energy gasification facility to be located near Odessa, Texas.  The facility uses the Siemens coal gasification technology to produce approximately 400 MW of gross electric power, capture CO2 for enhanced oil recovery uses and produce urea and other by-product chemicals.  E3 reviewed the gasification technology to be used, syngas cleanup and shift processes, syngas fired combustion turbines, CO2 recovery and processing equipment and urea processes.  Our scope also included evaluation of the capital and O&M costs, environmental permitting requirements, water supply arrangements, transmission access and delivery of fuels to the facility.