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Oil & Gas

E3 has experience with a wide variety of oil and gas projects and technologies and our professionals are industry leaders in providing comprehensive technical advice to the industry. Our owners' engineering and due diligence services are highly valued for the development, financing, construction, performance testing, and acquisition or divestiture of oil and gas midstream projects including natural gas and crude oil storage, and natural gas gathering, processing, and pipeline projects.

E3's oil and gas team understands that the technical performance, economics, and risks of oil and gas projects cannot be forced to fit within the conventional rules applied to the development and financing of power or other large-scale non-oil and gas projects.

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Natural gas storage
Western Energy Hub–E3 completed a pre-engineering design review and extensive gas storage operation modeling of this prospective gas storage facility, initially consisting of two gas storage salt caverns totaling approximately 26 BCF capacity and related gas storage compression and pipeline facilities. Our review was performed on behalf of the facility ownership.

MoBay Storage Hub–E3 provided pre-financing review for the prospective 70 BCF depleted reservoir MoBay project including analysis and review of independent geologic and reservoir evaluations and gas storage contract document support for seeking project financing of this depleted gas reservoir storage project.

NorTex Gas Storage Facility–E3 provided final project expansion review including development and project performance test monitoring for Falcon Gas Storage, the owner of the NorTex Gas Storage combined 35 BCF depleted reservoir gas storage assets including Hill Lake and Worsham Steed facilities. This project was named the North American Oil & Gas Deal of the Year 2007 by Project Finance Magazine.