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Renewable Energy and Alternative Fuels

E3 has experience with a wide variety of renewable energy projects and technologies. Within E3 and the personal backgrounds of our employees, we have worked on renewable energy projects including wind power, geothermal power, solar (thermal and photovoltaic), hydroelectric, landfill gas, waste-to-energy, biomass power, biomass to fuels (both hydrolysis & fermentation and gasification & catalytic), biodiesel, and anaerobic digestion projects.

Renewable energy and alternative fuels assignments have included technology assessments, environmental assessments and permitting, project planning, feasibility assessments, technical and economic due diligence, construction monitoring, and operations and maintenance reviews.

E3 has been involved with wind power projects with up to 450 turbines, ethanol production facilities up to 100 million gallons per year, biodiesel facilities up to 180 million gallons per year, geothermal power production facilities up to 220 MW, biomass, biogas and waste-to-energy projects in excess of 50 MW.

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Honua Biomass: E3 is currently serving as the independent engineer in support of the financing of the Honua Power Project, a greenfield 6.6 MW biomass-fired electric generating facility to be constructed in Kapolei, Hawaii. To date, E3 has conducted a site visit, performed a technical assessment of the proposed technology, reviewed permitting requirements, and the project construction schedule and budget.

Mackenzie Bioenergy: E3 is serving as the independent engineer in support of the project financing for a 35 MW biomass-fired facility located in British Columbia. As IE, E3 is conducting technical due diligence on the project's proposed upgrades to an existing on-site biomass boiler and the addition of a condensing steam turbine.