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Fossil Fuels

E3 has provided expertise to more than 50 solid fuel projects, with project sizes ranging from 18 MW to greater than 2,000 MW. E3 has also provided expertise to more than 160 gas-fired power projects. Our team members have worked on a variety of gas-fired power generation technologies over the years, which includes vast heat recovery steam generation experience, and experience with steam turbine generators including several models provided by General Electric, Alstom, Mitsubishi, Siemens, and Westinghouse among others.

With regard to solid fuels, E3's experience encompasses technologies such as conventional pulverized coal, stoker boilers, bubbling bed, and fluidized bed combustion. Our team members have worked on a variety of technologies over the years, including Combustion Engineering, Energy Products of Idaho (EPI), Asea Brown Boveri, Alstom, Kvaerner, Tampella, Combustion Engineering, Babcock and Wilcox, and Foster Wheeler boilers used to combust coal, waste coal, petroleum coke, and biomass.

For all these projects, E3's experience encompasses the entire project life cycle, including the development, pre-financing, financing, construction, performance testing and operations and maintenance phases.

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Natural Gas-Fired Simple and Combined Cycle
Kleen Energy Center – E3 served as the independent engineer during the financing, construction, restoration and final commissioning of this 620 MW natural gas and oil fired combined-cycle plant located near Middletown, Connecticut. The project is owned by affiliates of EIF and is a conventional 2X1 combined-cycle plant using Siemens SGT6-5000F combustion turbines. During the initial commissioning of the Project, there was large gas explosion that caused a number of fatalities and injuries to workers as well as extensive damage to the facility. E3 acted as an advisor to the lender group as well as insurance companies during the year-long incident investigation and restoration phase after which the project successfully commenced commercial operations.

Gray's Harbor– E3 was hired to conduct pre-finance due diligence on a 620-MW natural gas combined-cycle power plant located in Grays Harbor County, Washington. When hired, the facility was approximately 50 percent complete and the major equipment had been in lay-up for several years. Invenergy purchased the partially constructed plant from Duke Energy North America. E3 was hired by the lead lender to conduct a pre-finance due diligence review to support the financing necessary to complete construction of the facility. E3's review was focused on the technical, commercial and environmental aspects of the Project design, primary agreements and technical assumptions in the financial projections. In particular, E3 evaluated the risks associated with inspecting, refurbishing and restoring the major equipment and construction materials after the original construction had been abandoned for several years.