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Oil & Gas Infrastructure

E3 has the experience to make your oil and gas project a success.

We have been providing technical and business advisory services to the oil & gas industry for an average of 25 years. E3 personnel have experience with a wide variety of upstream, midstream, downstream and LNG projects and technologies and provide comprehensive technical and business advice to the oil & gas industry. We are available to perform roles ranging from an independent engineer performing due diligence for project financing, to owner’s engineer and construction monitor. Projects include LNG liquefaction and export, LNG import, midstream gathering facilities, NGL fractionation, salt cavern and depleted reservoir natural gas or NGL storage, above and below ground hydrocarbon liquid storage, CO2 sequestration for enhanced oil recovery, geologic CO2 sequestration, gas treating, compression, and pipelines. Our oil & gas team includes heavy experience in oil & gas EPC, and understands the unique project metrics defining technical performance, economics, and risks.

Petra Nova Carbon Capture Project, TX

E3 served as a technical advisor on CCS project

E3 provided a lender with a due diligence review of a carbon capture system CO2 compressor, 80 mile CO2 pipeline, and complete redevelopment of wells and surface facilities in the West Ranch Field to support new multiple reservoir CO2 injection and production patterns to implement CO2 enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operations. CO2 will be permanently sequestered as individual reservoirs are abandoned following commercial oil recovery operations.

Aitken Creek Gas Storage, British Columbia

E3 provided pre-acquisition review of assets

E3 performed a comprehensive pre-acquisition review of surface, subsurface, geologic, operation, and contracts for a Canadian depleted reservoir gas storage project with total working gas of approximately 76 BCF. The project included two separate multi-well storage reservoirs exhibiting fairly complex gas storage performance, a large gas storage compression and treatment facility, and associated pipeline interconnections.

Asphalt Operating Services, IL

E3 served as the independent engineer for an oil storage project

E3 performed a due diligence review of a project consisting of five 120,000 barrel asphalt storage tanks, four tank truck loading racks, rail car unloading facilities, state certified truck scales and all necessary heating, measuring, pumping, and other equipment necessary to transfer and store liquid asphalt into tank trucks. E3’s review included an assessment of the various agreements related to the Project’s design, construction contracts, schedule, and budget as well as the proposed operations and maintenance plan and budget. E3 also provided construction monitoring services for the Project.

Technology Lead

Al Rettenmaier