E3 Consulting announced it has hired energy industry veteran Paul Paxson as an E3 Executive Director.  Mr. Paxson comes to E3 with 34 years of operational and consulting experience in the energy generation industry.  In addition, E3 announced that Andy Hixson has been promoted to Executive Director. He previously served as Senior Director.   “E3 is excited about the recent staff changes, both bringing Paul on board and promoting Andy.  Paul’s deep expertise on plant life-cycle matters including O&M costs, major maintenance and life extension costs, make him a tremendous asset to our team and support our continued growth, while Andy’s promotion recognizes the significant contributions he has made during his tenure at E3” said Paul Plath, President of E3 Consulting. 

Throughout his career, Mr. Paxson has provided independent engineering and consulting services on more than 160 generating projects.  He is familiar with a variety of technologies including PV solar, CSP, wind, combustion turbines, steam turbines, biomass, reciprocating engines, biofuels and landfill gas applications.  Mr. Paxson will advise clients on financing due diligence, mergers and acquisitions, asset management and restructuring. 

Mr. Hixson, who joined E3 in 2007, has been an integral part of E3’s team, from managing projects such as Tenaska Westmoreland and the AES and AIMCo acquisition of sPower, to his work building E3’s solar practice.  As an Executive Director, Mr. Hixson will continue to focus on the renewables sector and is expected to take a larger role in expanding E3’s footprint in the marketplace.   Please reach out to Paul Paxson at paul.paxson@e3co.com and Andy Hixson at andy.hixson@e3co.com.