The government of Chile announced that the Transmisora Electrica del Norte (TEN), a 600-km-long 500 kV transmission line that connected Chile’s two main transmission systems, Sistema Interconectado Central (SIC) and Sistema Interconectado del Norte Grande (SING) is operational.  E3 served as the Independent Engineer for the interconnection project, which will be responsible for the supply of energy to more than 97% of the national population, with an installed capacity of approximately 24,000 MW and a demand of 11,000 MW.

The E3 team worked with lead banker, IPEX-Bank, along with nine local and international banks, and a U.S. insurance company, on the financing which provided the total debt capital for the equivalent of U.S. $854 million.  E3’s team, led by Jim Galambas and NAES’s Craig DesChenes, began in August 2015.  Mr. DesChenes traveled to Chile throughout the Project, monitoring construction of the transmission line and substations.

In announcing the completion of the new line, simply called the National Electric System, President of the Republic of Chile, Michelle Bachelet noted, “Our country will not have to deal anymore with the absurd situation of having an electrical system in the region of Norte Grande, and a different one between Taltal and Chilo. What we are doing today is to erase that border that abruptly interrupted the electric transmission, which increased prices and inefficiency.”

E3 is currently working on another interconnection project in Chile, having been engaged to serve as the Independent Engineer for Transelec Concesiones S.A.’s Trunk Expansion Projects, which are designed to interconnect the trunk transmission projects in Chile.  Transelec is developing and constructing a Portfolio of three transmission expansion projects in Chile, each of which is in different stage of progress.  For additional information on these projects, please contact John Purcell at or 303 762-7060.