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Alternative Fuels

E3 has the experience to make your alternative fuels project a success.

In the biofuels and alternative energies sector, E3 and its professionals have worked on alternative fuels engagements (hydrolysis & fermentation and gasification & catalytic), biodiesel, and anaerobic digestion projects. We have supported engagements on projects ranging from ethanol production facilities up to 100 million gallons per year, biodiesel facilities up to 180 million gallons per year. Our assignments have included technology assessments, environmental assessments and permitting, project planning, feasibility assessments, technical and economic due diligence, construction monitoring, and operations and maintenance reviews.

Myriant Lake Providence Succinic Acid Plant

E3 served as the Independent Engineer supporting the construction and term financing of a succinic acid and ammonium sulfate production plant in Lake Providence, Louisiana. The plant uses novel fermentation processes to produce high-value industrial chemicals using low-cost non-petroleum feedstocks. E3 reviewed the process technology, construction plans, capital and production costs, permitting requirements and financial projections. The facility was partially financed with commercial debt and received grants from the U.S. Department of Energy and the United States Department of Agriculture.

Primus Green Energy

E3 was retained by equity investors to review the Primus biomass gasification, syngas production and gas-to-liquids technology for the production of diesel and jet fuel from biomass and natural gas.  E3 reviewed the development and demonstration of its technology, bench and pilot testing, analysis of scale-up risks, production costs and conversion rates.  E3 also provided independent witnessing of demonstration plant tests.

Confidential Client

E3 provided an initial technical feasibility review in support of the development financing of two proposed biodiesel projects in the Northeastern U.S. E3’s scope of services included technology and vendor review, construction costs and schedule review, permitting requirements and analysis of economic projections.

Technology Lead

Paul Plath, P.E.