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E3 has the experience to make your hydropower project a success.

E3 has reviewed the development, construction, and operation of a variety of hydropower projects. We work with several highly experienced sub consultants who provide additional expertise related to hydroelectric plant design and operations and hydro resource assessments. We also draw upon the shared resources of our parent company, NAES, to provide in-depth operation and maintenance services.

Kumarau Falls Hydropower Project, Guyana

Limited Independent Engineering Review

E3 conducted a limited Independent Engineering review including a hydrology review and a conceptual level assessment for the staged development of the plant at a number of capacity values to support the potential construction of a hydropower plant at the Kumarau Falls on the Kurupung River located in Guyana. The Project, which is under consideration at this point, would be completed in several phases. E3 provided services on behalf of the sponsor.

Lake Elsinore Pumped Hydro Storage, CA

Independent Engineering review of pumped storage project

E3 conducted a technical due diligence review and prepared an independent engineer’s report for the proposed Lake Elsinore Advanced Pumped Storage Project and the associated Talega-Escondido/Valley-Serrano 500-kV Transmission Line. The Lake Elsinore project, located near Los Angeles has a rated capacity of 300 MW. E3’s review included technical design, permitting requirements, construction costs and schedule, hydro resource and production analysis.

U.S. Corp of Engineers Hydro Resources, IL

Fatal Flaw Review for potential acquisition

E3 conducted a fatal flaw technical due diligence review of three hydropower projects in Illinois at the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers dams on the Illinois River. Our scope included review of the project design, permitting status, hydro resources and production estimates, and capital costs.

Technology Lead

John Purcell, E3 Consulting

John Purcell, P.E.