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Solar Power

E3 has the experience to make your solar project a success.

E3 has reviewed the development, construction, and operation of everything from single solar installations to large portfolios consisting of residential solar leases. Our solar team understands what makes a solar project technically viable and financially feasible.

AES Distributed Generation Warehouse Project

Services: Statistical Process Control for Portfolio Project

E3 served as the independent engineer to support the acquisition and financing of a portfolio of residential photovoltaic (PV) solar leases for AES Distributed Generation, formerly Main Street Power, and their Joint Venture with Morgan Stanley, MySolar. For this unique project, E3 has developed an innovative sampling method and lease evaluation process that will provide statistical data on the compliance of the leases to the lease criteria. This unique approach is being applied to thousands of residential solar leases, with only a statistical sample of projects being evaluated. For these leases, E3 is conducting a comprehensive review of approximately 200 criteria, including the rooftop installation detail, solar resource, shading analysis, net metering regulation compliance, electrical design, inverter reserves, 1603 compliance, interconnection requirements, equipment selection, warranties, performance guarantees, construction agreements, and other aspects.

Close-up shot of a solar panel

SunPower Corporation Compliance and Asset Management Services

Services: Contractual Agreements Review and Guidance

E3 provided Compliance and Asset Management consulting services to SunPower Corporation for eight PV solar facilities, totaling 260 MW. The facilities are located in 5 states; CA, CO, NV, AZ, NJ and one country, Chile. The scope for E3 includes the review of all major agreements, taxes, permits and any other points of compliance. The compliance review was conducted at all levels from Federal to Local.

Ausra Technology Evaluation

Review of thermal solar technology to support an acquisition.

E3 assisted Areva in its evaluation of Ausra’s concentrating linear Fresnel lens thermal solar technology as part of its planned investment in Ausra. E3 assisted in developing industry standard testing procedures and uncertainty analysis to be used in performance tests of Ausra’s solar steam generator technology. Areva ultimately bought Ausra, renaming it Areva Solar

Technology Lead

Andy Hixson, E3 Consulting

Andy Hixson