E3 provides services along the entire project lifecycle,
ranging from the development stage through decommissioning.

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Project Development Support

During the development stage, E3 draws upon its knowledge of the requirements for new and brownfield project financing. This stage involves many moving parts; E3’s team takes a systematic approach to ensure that our clients do not miss any key steps that could delay or cost the Project money.

  • Technology Assessments
  • Financial Analysis
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Resource/Production Assessments
  • NERC Compliance Planning
  • PVSYST, Thermal Models, etc.

Featured Project

Kumarau Falls: Hydropower

Project Financing

During the financing phase of the Project, E3 focuses on identifying impacts on commercial and financial matters that could derail the Project once it’s underway or that could make it less bankable.  Our goal is Project success; therefore, where there are issues, we work to resolve these rather than putting up roadblocks.

  • Technical and Financial Due Diligence
  • Independent Engineering Reviews and Reports
  • Fatal Flaw Analysis and Reports
  • NERC Compliance Review
  • Environmental & Regulatory Compliance
  • Resource/Production Analysis

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Construction & Independent Monitoring

During the construction phase, E3 monitors and evaluates the progress of the Project, providing a regular assessment of the performance of all major service providers for compliance with contractual obligations and Project requirements.  When issues arise, E3 alerts stakeholders ensuring that all parties come together to resolve problems before they have a negative impact on the Project.

In addition to its Construction Monitoring service, E3 offers Independent Monitoring services for government agencies, such as utilities and regulators, who need a third-party to ensure that monitoring and reporting requirements are satisfied.

  • Project Progress Reports
  • Change Order Review and Approval
  • Payment Certifications
  • Plant Commissioning
  • Certify Readiness and Witness Performance Testing

Featured Project

Fire Island Wind

Distressed Asset Evaluation & Restructuring

E3’s team is ideally suited to assist companies facing challenging conditions to minimize their risks, improve their performance, and put their Projects on more solid ground.  E3 has significant experience supporting clients and owners of distressed assets in turn-around situations.  E3, in conjunction with other companies in the NAES family, can provide services to help in any restructuring effort, regardless of size or complexity.

  • Financial Management and Asset Valuation
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Power Marketing, O&M Contractors and Proposal Analysis
  • Energy Trading
  • Grid Interconnection Management
  • Asset Management
  • Plant Operations

Featured Project

NAES Gainesville (Fla.) Renewable Energy Center (GREC)

Ownership Change

E3 provides the following services to clients seeking to merge, acquire, or divest of an asset

  • NERC Compliance Review
  • Financial Analysis
  • Market Price Forecasting
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Production History Assessments
  • Re-powering Assessment
  • Asset Valuation
  • M&A Support

Featured Project

Aitken Creek Gas Storage

Retrofitting & Decommissioning

E3 provides services to clients seeking to retrofit or decommission their power project, whether due to the end of useful life or retirement due to changing regulations.

  • NERC Compliance Review
  • Owner’s Engineering
  • Environmental Compliance

Featured Project

Memphis Biodiesel Project

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